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What is Waternetic –

Waternetic is about watersports, boating, scuba diving, and their more rigid counterparts – float tubes or belly boats, pontoons for one, two or three people, and any other type of small watercraft that enables people to enjoy themselves on the water and out-of-doors.

Then, of course, there is the outdoors itself. What to see, what to look out for, and anything else which people find interesting.

Fishing and hunting are two outdoor activities that come to mind, though hunting in our case is restricted to hunting on water. Waterfowl hunting seems the most obvious.

Fishing covers a whole range of skills and interests, but with the emphasis on small boats, the site reflects that side of fishing rather than rods, reels, and tackle.

So kayakers, canoeists, those with small boats, whether a rigid or inflatable – this site aims to keep you in mind. Your interest in small boats probably means you enjoy the charm of the outdoors. That being so, sharing some of your experiences would be a pleasure for other readers of like mind.

Who We Are –

Walton and George 2

So here we are, George (Left) and Walton (Right), friends by vain and partner by profession.

We own a marketing firm in our local territory which provides SEO and Website Design solution for local businesses. We are doing this for the last ten years. We have one more common thing which is diving. We both love snorkeling, scuba diving, and sometimes fishing. We didn’t get enough time for this now, but whenever we make it, we are up for it.

We both doing scuba diving for the last three years. Not professionally, but it’s our passion. As a marketer, we did promote many websites and blogs. So then we thought to transform our interest into a profession.

Amazon’s affiliate is one of the popular media to earn money online. Yeah, you read it right, we are doing affiliate marketing here to make some extra bucks. But not selling any crap garbage rather than sharing and educate our experience through writing.

Most of the tips and information you will get in this blog from our own experience. For product review, we didn’t try all the products. But we know the features and technical terms. We did research and collect all the information on one plate. Examine it and find the best one for you, which is available in the market.

Walton and George
So let’s dive into learning and having gear for yourself. Explore the water and enjoy one wave at a time.

Please note, this site is run by a person who believes in passion. This means no promotion is given to stuff that might harm the long term well being of another person. Don’t follow us on Twitter or visit the Facebook site to promote yourself or your website or any other things. We also delete spam on the comments section of posts.

The above paragraph has been added to avoid confusion or embarrassment, especially to spammers, facebook, and twitter followers.

Contact details: hello@waternetic.com

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