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All You Need to Know About Transom Mount and Motor

A transom mount for a trolling motor is suitable for the smaller boat. It is easier to install on the boat where no drill is required. In bow mount, the mount has to be connected with drilling a hole in the boat. But the transom mount can be installed simply with a clamp.

If you are looking for a motor mount for your canoe, it is a perfect fit. It won’t take too much space and can also be operated from the backside of the boat. As this motor mount comes in a simple design, it is more affordable than the other options. Here we will discuss the few facts about choosing the best transom mount for your boat.

What does transom mount mean?

The word transom comes from the Latin word transversus. The term is used in the Middle English period of the 1300s. It widely used in small boats to support the rudder and motor.

How to mount transom trolling motor?

Before mounting a motor mount, you need to know the right place to install it. If you are installing the best transom motor, you should install it on the backside of the boat. Many people prefer this mounting option as it doesn’t need any drill, but when comparing to the bow mounting options, this option is less durable and precise. However, which type of motor you want to install will be depended on the kind of fishing you want to do.

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Things to consider while buying the best transom mount trolling motor

If you are a new buyer, you can be easily confused by seeing the various type of motor mounts in the market. But don’t be afraid. I am here to guide you to choose the best transom mount trolling motor. Things you will need to look for buying this motor are-

  • Size of the boat – While selecting a motor mount, the first thing you will need to look for is the size of the boat. If you own a large boat, then it is not a suitable one for you. Again, different boats require different motors to be operated. According to the capacity of the transom mount, you need to choose the trolling motor for your boat.
  • Available space – The next thing you will need to consider the open space in your boat. Trolling motors come with different voltages. For different voltages, the size of the batteries varies. So, according to the open areas on your boat, you will need to choose the trolling motor. Along with the spaces, you will also need to consider the capacity of your boat. Combine the size and weight of your boat and choose the transom mount trolling motor accordingly.
  • A suitable place to mount the trolling motor – After getting the available space on your boat, you should also look for the right place to install the motor mount. Some motors should be installed on the backside of the boat while some motors should be installed on the front side. This mount needs to be installed on the backside of the boat. So, if you want to install a transom mount trolling mount, make sure there is ample space on the backside of your boat.
  • Determining the type of water – It is crucial to select the trolling motor based on which kind of water you are running your boat. Different water types and levels require a different kind of trolling motor. The strength of the trolling motor will be depended on the deepness of the river. Again, for the saltwater and freshwater, the engines will be different also.

So, these are some essential features to look for while installing a transom mount trolling motor on your boat for fishing with ultimate flexibility.

Few Recommendation –

  1. Cloud Mountain LBS Thrust 8 Speed Electric Trolling Motor

  2. Goplus Transom Mounted Electric Trolling Motor

  3. Intex Trolling Motor for Intex Inflatable Boats

  4. MinnKota Traxxis 45 Transom Mount Trolling Motor

  5. Watersnake – ASP Salt Water Transom Mount Trolling Motor

How to choose?

A trolling motor is an excellent option for every angler who wants to catch fish with comfort. You can choose between the electric trolling motor and gas trolling motor. The electric trolling motor has many benefits over gas trolling motor. Choosing an electric transom mount trolling motor, you can save your time and effort both while fishing.

The trolling motor of recent days is smaller yet powerful. These are noise proof and also reasonably priced. However, you need to check three things. These things are-

  1. A quality motor – If you go fishing regularly, you should choose a powerful engine. For every 1000 pounds of weight in the boat, you should look for the 2 pounds of thrust. It would be best if you chose the thrust of the trolling motor carefully as more thrust burns more battery power.
  2. An adjustable tiller – It would be best if you chose an adjustable tiller to run your boat smoothly. When you catch fishes, you will need to concentrate more on fishing only. If you can’t place the tiller in a good position, you will lose concentration. The tiler should be in a position where it is easier to reach out.
  3. A flexible shaft – It is important to have a flexible shaft to navigate appropriately in the danger zone. When you are passing through a flooded timber or submerged log, there is a chance of breaking your trolling motor. Having a flexible shaft, you can avoid the damage of your trolling motor and boat as well.

Whether you are going for solo fishing or taking along friends or family members, a reliable and robust transom mount can always give you extra advantages in water. It operates quietly and offers smooth performance in the water. So, for the budget-friendly and dependable option, you can choose a transom mount trolling motor undoubtedly.

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