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Best Trolling Motor Mount Buying Guide

For fishing, rafting, rowing on the bay and lake, or just spending some quiet time, having an inflatable boat with a trolling motor mount is always priceless. Mounting a motor to your boat, you can make it through a long-distance smoothly and efficiently. If you intend to use the mount for a long time, you need to invest in the best trolling motor mount manufactured by the leading companies. 

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Trolling Motor Mount

The mount should be strong and sturdy. It should support 3.0 HP motor to run into the water smoothly. It should also be easily adjustable to the boat and the engine. Whether it be a scenic ride or trolling adventure, a motor mount can offer you everything you need on the boat. 

How important it is to mount a quality motor on your boat?

Quality is everything you can’t overlook while installing a mount. However, many people rush to get a trolling motor mounts for pontoon without doing much research. But choosing a low-quality mount can be dangerous for your boat. So, it is crucial to invest in the right one, which is high quality and compatible with your boat.  

There are many risks of choosing an inferior or poorly made mount.

Your motor can be slipped into the water anytime if you have kept it on a poorly made mount. So, your engine will be at risk always if you have not chosen the right mount.

Some people go for the DIY project directly to install the mount on the boat without having much knowledge of installation. However, different types of mount work differently on the boat. Again, installing on your own, you can also damage the motor as well as the boat. So, it is important to know how it should be installed before starting any DIY project.

The high-quality mount comes in an easy installation process, and some of them also have free installation options. These are also very affordable these days. So, anyone can buy the mount on their boat.

Best motor mount for inflatable boat

Getting the best motor mount for the inflatable boat is always tricky. The market is full of different models and brands of mounts made especially for inflatable boats. Here I am discussing a few from my top choice list.

Intex Mount Kit

Intex 68624EP Motor Mount Kit for inflatable Boats
  • Motor mount kit designed for Index inflatable boats
  • Lets you attach up to 3.5-horsepower motors
  • Made of marine plywood with aluminum support arms
  • Attaches and detaches quickly; disassembles for storage
  • Compatible with most newer model Index boats

If you are looking for a mount, especially for inflatable boat only, you can go for an Intex mount. It is only compatible with the inflatable boat. Marine plywood is used to make this mount.

It comes with easy attaching and detaching mechanism, which can make your installation and separate fast and straightforward. Among different mounts in the market, this one is the best for any inflatable mount. 

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MinnKota MKA-16 02 Aluminum Quick Release Bracket Mounts

Minn Kota MKA 16 02 Aluminum Quick Release Bracket Mounts
  • Quick release bracket with mounting hardware, mounting instructions
  • Quiet secure locking system
  • Quick easy removal of any Power Drive with Auto Pilot
  • Aluminum Design

This is one of the best mounts for inflatable boats. After installing it correctly with the boat, it is impossible to slide the motor outside of the boat. The mount comes with detailed instructions. Following the direction, you can easily install it without any additional help.

Made from the aluminum material, this is highly suitable for staying underwater for a long time. You don’t have to spend much time on the maintenance. This one can also be attached and detached easily.  

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RAM Mount Motor Stabilizer w/Tough-Claw

RAM Trolling Motor Stabilizer with Strap Hose Clamp
  • Trolling motor stabilizer mount protects the trolling motor and mounting surface from damage; strap hose clamp compatible with rails from 1″ to 2.1″ in diameter
  • Includes strap hose clamp base with C size 1.5″ rubber ball, medium length C size double socket arm, and 2.5″ round plate with C size 1.5″ rubber ball
  • Made of powder-coated, marine-grade aluminum for durability and reliability in the most demanding environments
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

Those who want a mount with different types of machines can go with model. This product doesn’t only ensure your motor will be on the place securely but also provide the stability. This is a claw-shaped model that allows you to take your boat in any direction. 

If you want to place your motor securely in pone place, this mount is the right choice for you. Moreover, you don’t need to take help from any professional for installing it. 

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Garelick/Eez-In Stationary Outboard Motor Bracket

Garelick/Eez-In 71078:01 Stationary Outboard Motor Bracket – Horizontal Platform Mount
  • Fixed Height For Auxiliary Or Trolling Motor 2 Stroke
  • Comes in a 4 piece set
  • Pedestal System Stowable
  • Motor Weight Up To 75 Lbs. 15 H. P
  • Fixed height for auxiliary or trolling motor 2 stroke

If you are looking for a simple solution to install a motor on your boat, then Garelick/Eez-IN Stationary Outboard Motor Bracket is the best option for you. 

This model is made of high-quality material. But you will need to make some holes on your boat to install it. This is one of the most versatile mounts as it can hold any type of motor on it. 

If you don’t know how to attach the mount with your boat, you can follow the instruction comes with it and install by yourself. 

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Best kayak mount

Kayak fishing has become popular these days. Installing motor on your kayak, you can enjoy even more sides of kayaking or kayak fishing. It offers a steady speed for fishing and moving from one place to another at the fastest possible time. Even you can reach to the areas which are quite hard to reach without having a motor.

If you usually want to spend your time fishing on kayaking, perhaps you don’t need to be equipped with all the accessories, motors, and other things for kayaking. But if you are a serious angler, you need to install a trolling motor on your kayak, and you are good to go. However, along with a trolling motor, you will also need to have a mount and marine battery on your kayak. Here, you will get a detailed review of a few popular mounts for a kayak. 

Brocraft fishing kayak mount universal

Brocraft Fishing Kayak Trolling Motor Mount Universal / Kayak Outboard Motor Bracket
  • Marine grade alloy and nylon
  • Universal-suits most Kayaks with dual rod holders
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Adjustable for different hull widths, Fit any angle or inclination flush rod holder
  • Adjustable for left or right hand operation

To install a motor on your kayak, you will need to have the best and easy to install the mount, and Brocraft fishing kayak mount universal is the best choice for any angler. It comes with a universal design that is fit for any fishing kayak. It also has a built-in dual rod holder. 

Made with the marine grade alloy and nylon, it is fitted on the kayak with the built-in rod holders. So, you don’t need to modify your kayak a bit while installing it.

Installation is super easy and simple. You can connect and disconnect it within a second for creating storage on your kayak. You can also use and adjust the clamps easily without changing their position. 

As no modification is required and quite easy to install, it is one of the top choices for the fisherman. However, this model is suitable for the kayak, which is made for casual fishing with moderate speed. 

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Brocraft Kayak Mount

Brocraft Kayak Track Trolling Motor Mount / Kayak Motor mount
  • Work for Kayak Track ,Adjustable for different hull widths
  • Marine grade aluminum track bar mount
  • Standard Motor Mount allows you to affix gas or electric motor to any kayak
  • Includes two years warranty

You can keep your fishing dream alive, having a trolling motor on your kayak. To install it, you will need to get support from the mount. It should be secure enough to hold the engine on your kayak. Brocraft kayak mount is suitable for installing any type of motor. As the mount is easily adjustable and customizable, you can buy it for any kayak. This model is designed especially for the kayak tracks. But the tracks need to be purchased separately. 

It can be installed with the boat easily without much hassle thanks to its clamps and gunwales. Being made of marine-grade aluminum and nylon fittings, it is corrosion-resistant. 

This mount is strong enough to accommodate any gas or electric motor of up to 35 pounds. However, if you want to customize the motor with the size of the kayak, you might need to invest more time to adjust the specification. 

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Railblaza Kayak Mount

RAILBLAZA Kayak Motor Mount
  • Simplest way to attach a trolling motor to your kayak
  • Includes all necessary hardware
  • Quick transition from paddle only to motor ready
  • Able to add RailMount 32-41s for added customization
  • Some Assembly Required

If you are looking for a mount that can be installed fast and in the simplest way, the Railblaza kayak motor is the best fit for you. The easy clip-on and removing feature will allow you to get ready in a minute for fishing. It comes with two all-mounting fasteners, lights, camera mount, rod holders, and so on. 

Though the mount can accommodate any size of motors, still you need to confirm the models of the engine before buying. This one comes with the asset of instruction, which will help you to set up the motor to the mount easily. 

This model may seem a little expensive, but the extra customization feature is worth every penny. 

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Shoreline Marine Canoe/Kayak Mount

Shoreline Marine Canoe/Kayak Trolling Motor Mount
  • Easy to install, with pair of secure attachment arms
  • Makes attachment of trolling motors and small gas motors a breeze
  • The trolling motor bracket attaches to your kayak or canoe in minutes
  • Holds all trolling motors with universal mounting brackets; Like Minn kota, Sevylor and others

The shoreline marine mount is perfect for any type of boat regardless of the canoe, kayak, deck boat, and so on. It comes with few arms which help to hold the motor securely. The trolling mount brackets are adjustable and can be customized with any type of engine.

However, if you are looking for a sturdy and robust mount, this is not for you. It is made from wood which makes this weaker than the other type of model. So, while buying this one, you should consider the weight of the engine.

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Watersnake Electric Motor Kayak Bracket

Watersnake Kayak Motor Bracket
  • INSTALLATION: Simple to install and provides a secure fixture to maintain stability and ease of operation in the water.
  • DESIGN: Features a three-axle design that maximises the range of movement so that the motor can be adjusted to the optimum position for powering up rivers, exploring lakes or crossing bays.
  • COMPATABILITY: Available to bundle with the Watersnake T18 and T24 Electric motors or sold separately. It is recommended for motors with up to 24lb of thrust. Please be aware this universal bracket is good for most trolling motors.
  • MOUNTING SOLUTION: If you love exploring wild rivers for Australian bass, impoundments for barramundi, estuaries for bream or inshore snapper grounds, the Watersnake Universal Electric Motor Mount will be a welcome mounting solution to fast track you to the fish.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Necessity is the mother of invention. Created by anglers to be used by anglers. If you’re not satisfied with your Watersnake product, contact your distributor to be taken care of.

If you are looking for an electric mount, this should  be on the top of the list. You will get an adjustable angle while installing any electric trolling motor on your boat.

It comes with a universal design, which means any motor made for kayaks and canoe can be adjusted easily with this mount. And no adjustment is necessary for installing the motor. The universal design and lightweight features have made it the most suitable one to attach with any boat. Installing an electric engine, with it, you can enjoy a great fishing experience.

The electric mount of Watersnake can be easily placed on the bow of your kayak. It is quite easy to install and remove for storage.

Though its universal design allows mounting motor of any brands, it suits the best with Watersnake electric motor. As it is lightweight, you should not go for any massive engine.

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Best Canoe Mount

Fishing is most enjoyable when you do it on a boat. And installing motor on the boat you can go some extra miles in search of fish. If you love adventure and want to spend some quality time on the boat catching fish and exploring the beauty of nature, you will need to have a canoe. 

Among different types of boating options, the canoe is the best choice for the adventure lover. It is very lightweight and user-friendly. You can ride on the canoe and simply hop in the paddle and reach to your preferred place to catch fish. But if the business is for a long time, you will get tired of paddling. Therefore, people prefer an engine or motor on their canoe. And to install a motor, one needs to get a canoe mount at first hand. 

Many trolling motor mounts for canoe are available on the market. But finding out the right one is always a difficult choice. Therefore, I have come up with three best mounts for canoe. Here is a look-

Old Town Standard Canoe Mount

Old Town Standard Canoe Motor Mount
  • A heavy-duty aluminum bracket holds gas or electric engines up to 3 horsepower, helping you quickly cruise to your favorite fishing spot.
  • Simply hand-tighten the mount to the gunwales of your canoe for a sure, sturdy grip—no wrenches required.
  • The standard mount is reversible, helping accommodate left-handed and right-handed boaters alike.
  • Old Town is the world’s oldest, largest and most revered manufacturer of canoes and kayaks. The company has spent over a century innovating—boat after boat, all while staying true to their Northeast heritage and long legacy of quality craftsmanship.

The old town is a trustworthy name for the people who love fishing. It is one of the most trusted brands for manufacturing mounts for kayak and canoe. No matter you want to equip your boat with gas or electric engine, this mount is suitable for any choice. 

Having the reversible orientation, this mount will allow you the usage for both right and left-hand operation. The design and features of it are incredibly versatile. 

Made of lightweight but sturdy material aluminum, this mount can accommodate the engine of 3 HP. It is straightforward to set up, and you will not even need any extra tool to install it. 

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Old Town Side-Saddle Canoe Mount

Old Town Side-Saddle Canoe Motor Mount
  • A heavy-duty, rust-free aluminum bracket holds gas or electric engines up to 3 horsepower, helping you quickly cruise to your favorite fishing spot.
  • The mount moves the motor away from the side of the canoe, making it more comfortable to operate while looking forward.
  • Installation and removal are quick and easy, with a hardwood block providing a sure mounting surface for electric motors.
  • The side-saddle mount is adjustable for left- or right-handed operation—will not fit wood-trimmed canoes.
  • Old Town is the world’s oldest, largest and most revered manufacturer of canoes and kayaks. The company has spent over a century innovating—boat after boat, all while staying true to their Northeast heritage and long legacy of quality craftsmanship.

The Old Town Side-Saddle Canoe mount is for those who want to go for the compact mount. It takes very little space. Made of heavy-duty aluminum, it is corrosion resistant and sturdy. The hardwood block of this motor can hold up the electric motor securely. 

This canoe motor is made to be installed safely without the use of any additional tools. It can support engine up to 3 horsepower. It comes with a reversible orientation. So, no matter you are right-handed or left-handed, you can install it easily.  

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Aquaoutdoors Canoe Mount

AquaOutdoors Canoe Trolling Motor Mount Bracket – Black Finish
  • Rugged Heavy Duty Construction
  • 28″ long provides for full range of motion
  • Star Bolts allow one hand tightening
  • No tools required
  • Solid Ash Hardwood

If you are looking for a mount that can be installed with little complexity and more security, then Aquaoutdoors canoe mount is the best choice for you. Made of robust and sturdy material, this mount is everything you want. The size it is small but enough to keep the motor stable to your canoe. It also minimizes extra vibration on the water.

The feature of this mount is simple and can fit any canoe. The solid ask block offers ultimate stability to this motor.

Unlike another mount, it can hold motor up to 4 horsepower.

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Buying Guide

Trolling motor mount comes in different forms and designs. Depending on your boat type and motor you have chosen, you need to buy a mount. Here, I am providing information about the things you need to look for while purchasing a trolling motor.

  • Isolators

The first thing you will need to look for while purchasing a trolling motor is if it comes with an isolator. A rubber isolator can reduce the vibration of your boat.

  • Shock absorption quality

The mount should be shock resistant. If you want to experience a smooth and comfortable ride on your boat, the shock-resistant feature will make it possible for you. Moreover, random shock can cause your riding to weaken over time.

  • Construction material

Mounting might come with a lot of tinier accessories to assemble the motor in a proper way. If these components are made with quality materials, you can be assured of lasting these for an extended period of time. The components should also be water and rust-resistant.

  • Easy to install

If you have to install the mount all by yourself, you must look for the easy installation feature of the mount. Mounting a motor is not a difficult job. You can quickly be done by yourself unless there are some complex mechanics in it.

  • Compatible to boat

The mount should be compatible with your boat. Otherwise, you can’t install it. There are specific mounts for specific types of boats. So, before buying a mount, you need to check if it is compatible with your boat or not.

So, these are a few of the most important things you need to keep in mind while buying a mount.

Trolling motor mount 2

How to rig the trolling motor on the mount?

There are many tutorials for attaching a trolling motor on your boat. You can learn how to mount a trolling motor on your boat from these tutorials. However, here I am providing some steps of rigging the trolling motor on the mount. It is suitable for bow mount trolling motor. If you have got other types of mount, you should follow the guidelines of mounting motor. You will get instructions on mounting motor with every mount.

So, what are the steps of rigging the trolling motor mount

  • Step 1 – To rig the mount, you will need precision. For that, at first, you should de-assemble the trolling motor from the base of the mount.
  • Step 2 – You will need to find out a suitable place for mounting the base. The position you will select should accommodate the motor adequately. Generally, the bow-mounted trolling motor vessels are suitable for flat and raised decks.
  • Step 3 – If you get a breakaway mount, it needs to have enough space to place your motor. The breakaway mount should be screwed on the deck.
  • Step 4 – You need to check the template of the mark holes and drill them on the mark. Make sure the drill should not be more than ¼ inch.
  • Step 5 – On this step, you have to fill up the hole with the bolt. Then attaching a washer and placing the base over the hole, you can complete the procedure.
  • Step 6 – In order to raise correctly, the base should be placed evenly on the surface.
  • Step 7 – On the last level, you have to thread all the retaining nut and steel washer onto the bolts. Then tighten all the bolts properly and assemble the motor on the base.

Thus, you are ready to go with your boat. 

Video Credit – Mark Savidge

Differences between the inflatable boat and regular boat mount

The mounts can be classified into two basic categories. These are-

  1. Inflatable boat mount,
  2. Regular boat mount

As inflatable boats and regular boats have different sizes and features, the mount for them will also be different. They have different strengths and can handle different levels of thrust on the water. So, there should be some difference in the mechanics and structure of the mounts for both of the boats.

Mount for inflatable boat

The structure of an inflatable boat is entirely different than the regular boat. The inflatable boat has less horsepower than the proper boat. It also can’t make through high speed on the water. For the nature of the inflatable boat, it requires a simple and less powerful motor. And the engine needs to be attached with such a mount, which doesn’t cause any puncture to the body of the boat and make it sinks.

Mount for regular boat

You can mount the trolling motor in different places of the regular boat. But if you want to get more control on your boat, you should install the motor on the bow than on the transom. For the medium and large-sized boat, the bow is the right place to mount the motor. If you want to mount the motor on the smaller boat, it is better to go for a transom mount. Transom mount is more comfortable to set up than the bow one.

So, these are the fundamental differences between the mount for inflatable boat and regular boat.

Types of canoe mount

For canoe and pontoon boat, different types of the mount are available

Super Strong Mount

The super strong mount is made for the bigger motor. The mount is suitable for the electric motor and gas motor, which can carry a maximum of 3 horsepower. Maximum motor size can weigh up to 35 lbs. It is made of sturdy and robust material.

The motor should be mounted in the right place and make sure the weight is distributed evenly everywhere on the canoe. The engine should always be placed in front of the canoe. Having a canoe stabilizer is strongly recommended for placing weight consistently everywhere and preventing capsize.

Hinged Mount (Flipper)

The hinged mount is specially designed for the pontoon boat. If the canoe is encountered with any underwater obstruction, the trolling motor will be flipped automatically. You can move any motors quickly as it can fit up to 30 ft with extension. It also comes with heavy-duty construction material. The clamps of this mount are too heavy and sturdy.

Side Saddle Mount

This mount has clamps to the side of the canoe. It also comes with no sidebar. This one fits to the canoe, which has very thick gunwale lips. For the old town and similar other canoes, this mount is the best option to have. But for the different type of motor, the super strong or hinged mount is suitable.

Ash Mount

The ash mount is an economical wood mount for your canoe. It is made in the USA. It is suitable for the trolling motors only. It can open up to 16 inches wider. If you want more width, you can go for other types of the mount.

Any Length Mount

One of the most versatile canoe mounts is any length mount. It is available in different lengths. It is made of aluminum and can open up to different width. The block of the mount is 4 inches tall and 8 inches wide. 36 inches mount is suitable for any of the motor, but you can get a more extensive version too if you want.

Any Length Mount with Stabilizers

You can get both stabilizer and mount buying this product. This mount prevents your canoe from flipping on the water. The standard length of this mount is 36 inches, but the order can be customized.

Final Verdict

So, if you are looking for the best trolling motor mount for your canoe or inflatable boat or kayak, you can get all the information from this article. While buying a mount, you will need to make sure the mount you purchase should be compatible with your boat and support you for a long time.

A good mount allows you to enjoy fishing on the water seamlessly. Those who are passionate about fishing on the water and have a personal kayak or inflatable boat or canoe can invest in the mount and install a powerful motor that will allow them to cover extra distance and making their fishing experience the best one.

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