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Different Types of Pontoon Boats

A pontoon boat is definitely going to be one of the most treasured possessions. You certainly would not want your money to go to waste. So, you should know your requirements well before you go to buy one. You can now find different types of pontoon boats for various purposes.

But the critical thing to determine is to choose the best type of pontoon boat which would cover all of your requirements. To buy the perfect pontoon boat that would go with your lifestyle, you need to shoot for the right size, the right style, and obviously the right price.

Differentiating a pontoon boat from a regular boat is a setup of two or three buoyant tubes, which helps the main construction float on water. These tubes are also called pontoons. These pontoons are presented as the hull.

A huge flat deck is constructed over the pontoons, which is common, consisting of furniture and other necessities. The design of these different types of Pontoon boats makes them easier to reach difficult places and features comfortable and easier maneuvering control for sailing.

Different Types of Pontoon Boats

Different Types of Materials for Pontoon Boats:

An essential feature of the pontoon boat is the basic material that is used to build the boat. You need to figure out what you prefer the most and if that is going to serve you properly. Here are some pointers for you to check-

  • Fiberglass Pontoons:

The hulls are basically made with fiberglass. People prefer these pontoons because of their appearance. The material is also lightweight and has very long durability. It hardly faces the problem of corrosion. It is an excellent choice except for the fact that the repairmen might cost you a bit more than usual.

  • Foam-filled Pontoons:

The most basic and appealing feature of these pontoon boats is that they are not hollow. It means they do not usually leak. It also costs low to manufacture because it has a plastic cover over the foam fill. These pontoons need to be narrow for better efficiency. Wider pontoons will cause higher drag and thus more fuel consumption.

  • Steel Pontoons:

You should avoid going for the steel pontoon boats though they are cheaper in price. Steel is a highly corrosive material, and it gets easily rusted over time. Taking your steel pontoons on different water will make them react to the water and the steel. It might also put holes in the dock or the hulls. Irregular maintenance might lead to excessive damage, which would require thorough repairs.

  • Aluminum Pontoons:

Aluminum is the most commonly used material for pontoon boats. Aluminum pontoon boats are getting more and more popular day by day because of their many user conveniences. These boats don’t get easily rusty and have long durability to keep you out of any worry. The maintenance is very easy compared to other types of vessels.

You can quickly fix or repair the damaged parts without spending a fortune on them. You can get Pontoon accessories available in the market with many features at different prices. One can easily attach them all by themselves for additional safety and protection.

It might cost you more buying aluminum pontoon boats. But that must not concern you much as you are getting a boat that will last longer and has deficient maintenance.

Best Types of Pontoon Boats

You will find boats of various models and designs that attract and serve a wide range of customers. The basic body is produced at first, and then the deck is decorated as per requirements. Different attachments and gears are installed to serve different purposes. Two categories can be picked out of all pontoon boats, and those are party barges and fishing boats. There are other different categories if you break these two, which you will find very helpful.

  • Fishing Pontoon Boats:

Fishing is a viral activity among people who usually boat. So you are likely to find many fishing pontoon boats in the market. Some boat manufacturers are exclusively into making exemplary fishing boats.

Many of the Fishing Pontoons come with built-in fishing equipment like GPS, fish finder accessories, etc. According to its particular fundamental construction, one can also attach fishing equipment according to their necessity and preference.

You can easily remove the unnecessary furniture to make a place for fishing seats and other fishing tools like rod holders, live wells, fish monitors, trolling motor, etc. Fishing-specific electronic devices can also be attached. The storage compartment can be used to keep different fishing gears safely.

Fishing pontoon boats are not necessarily ideal only for freshwater. These boats are not mainly made for use in the vast, dangerous ocean, but you can sometimes reach out to coastal areas in the seawater. The manufacturer might offer you a pontoon boat that is reliable in saltwater. But it would be best if you make sure that the pontoon boat is made of a suitable material for such an environment.

Fishing pontoon boats

  • Party Barges Pontoons:

Pontoon boats are often called party barges because many people worldwide prefer these as the best party boats. A pontoon boat’s key features, like a spacious deck, ample seating arrangement, and various accessories, help it emerge as the ideal party boat. Manufacturers often provide luxurious features like a stereo system, mini-fridge, cocktail bars, electric grills, etc., that can lighten up a party.

The greatest thing about pontoon boats is their design module. It always helps you to come up with different arrangements as per your wishes. You can decorate it however you want. You can choose from different styles and designs with numerous features to offer. It is your boat, and you can go the way you want it.

Video Credit – Alfred Montaner

  • Fast Pontoon Boats:

Suppose you want some thrills while on a cruise in your pontoon boat; you might want to look for fast, sporty pontoon boats. These flashy boats are manufactured with large, high-powered powerplants. In some cases, you will see sport pontoon boats with twin engines providing up to 350 HP. These boats are suitable for wakeboarding, waterskiing, and other watersports. These boats can easily cruise at 60 mph or more. The excellent sporty design and, in many cases, the three combined pontoons are also known as tri-toon, make it easier to handle and bank. Some necessary equipment pieces come with a sport pontoon boat like observation seats, rear-view mirror, a large compartment for storing various sports gear, etc.

Video Credit – TheSmokingTire

  • Luxury Pontoon Boats

You can indeed have a relaxing day out in the water with your luxury pontoon boat. These boats are specifically designed for you and your family & friends to have a fantastic day in the sun. Ample deck space gives you the freedom to arrange it as you would like. Some of these boats come with big loungers and even beds for your utmost comfort. Many boats even provide stereo, TV, barbecue, etc. These pontoon boats offer top-notch facilities like a yacht. Bar with swiveling stools, attractive LED lights, and different fencing styles add more to these water vehicles’ comfort and luxury.

You can certainly go for your preferred arrangements. These boats are not specifically suitable for adventures; instead, they are comfortable sightseeing and gathering close ones.

Check out this video. Avalon is one of the top-quality luxury pontoon boat manufacturers right now.

Video Credit – Avalon Luxury Pontoon Boats

  • Performance Pontoon Boats:

These are also known as rocketoons. If you want speed and wildness in your cruise, this boat is for your pleasure, offering more speed over 50 mph. You may often find three engines, each providing up to 300 HP. These boats come with great control and provide you super comfortable during your quick trip out in the water.

  • Value Pontoon Boats:

 If you are not willing to spend a huge bulk of money and still want a pontoon boat, these affordable boats are suitable for your needs. There is not much decoration on the deck except for some seats for you and your few friends. If you want a low-key cruise with few people and do not need much storage space, you can easily afford these value boats and still have fun.

Necessary Attachments

Whatever the purpose of your boat is, you can easily decorate it just as quickly. Any manufacturer would gladly provide you with all the equipment you ask for. Yours can be a fishing boat or a party boat, or maybe just a leisure boat, but you can attach any tool that you might need. You might not get desired pieces of equipment in terms of quality, features, functioning, etc. But you do not need to worry as you can always go for aftermarket purchases. Some excellent and popular pieces of equipment can make your boat journey more enjoyable.

  • For a fun party on your boat, you can attach a stereo system or speaker set to groove it up higher.
  • Water skis, wakeboards, kneeboards, and other towable gears will help you with an adventurous and sporty cruise.
  • Electronic devices can ease your journey, such as chart plotters for navigation or fishfinder for fishing.
  • Fishing rod holders are a necessity if you have a fishing boat. It would be comforting if they are rail-mounted or surface-mounted.
  • For shade for the sun or protection from rain, there are bimini tops available for your pleasure.
  • Decorative lights are always very pleasant. You can put some underneath the deck to have some visual aid.
  • Use some fender and bumpers to protect your boat from the deck.
  • Make sure to have some rope for your boat anchor so that you can control it easily.

If not provided, there are some necessary tools that you need too that can help you in many cases you would not even think about. An essential tool kit and an anchor and anchor line are essential to have with you always. It is still safe to keep some extra line and ropes if you ever wish to raft up with friends. Fenders are certainly very crucial for the safety of your boat when your boat is in heavy traffic. Communication devices often come in handy when you are around places with the very poor network coverage.

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