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How to Measure for a Bimini Top

There are lots of brands of Bimini top for pontoon boats available in numerous sizes in various materials and designs. Picking the right Bimini top is not a difficult job if you know your requirements precisely from the beginning. For proper installation, you should know how to measure for a Bimini top. It comes at the very beginning of the installation process. Every Bimini top comes with detailed instructions about how to measure for a Bimini top for a boat. You cannot apply the same technique for all kinds; some come with unique details of their own. But it’s important to know how to measure the top for your pontoon boat. Because without proper measurement you might end up buying the wrong one.

How to Measure for a Bimini Top

How to Measure for a Bimini Top

If you are not sure about how to measure your boat for a Bimini top, you can always take an expert’s help, going through reviews or videos, and contact the manufacturer if needed.

Your bimini top installation will never be perfect unless you don’t measure the length, height, width, of the top of your pontoon boat accurately.

  • Length: – For deciding the right size of your Bimini top, first, decide on the place you are going to install the top. Make sure it gives you enough shade and cover the portion of your deck. Start measuring from the mounting point, which will be the middle point of the top. Measuring this point right is very crucial because, based on this point, you will measure your width and height.
  • Width: – Measuring the width is very easy. After fixing the mounting location for the top of your boat (main mounting point, the center point of the canvas), you can measure from side to side of your boat to the center point.
  • Height: – It always depends on you where you want to install your top and frames. The measuring depends on your preferred position and location. To find out the right height for your bimini top, measure it straight up from the mounting top. It determines the suitable height for your frames. Deciding the lowest height possible prevents the risk of the shade being torn or lost. Another thing you should keep in mind that the higher you set the frame and the top, the less shade you will get from it.

After measuring the length, width, and height for your Bimini top, you can decide on it with your measured dimensions.

How to Measure for a Bimini Top

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which size of the bimini top is perfect for ordering?

If you want to order the right size of the bimini top, you need to decide at first in which place precisely you wish to mount the bimini. You need to consider the height and area you will need to cover with the bimini top.

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  • With the bimini top installed, how fast I can drive the boat?

Depending on the height and width of the bimini top and the size of your boat, you will need to decide on which speed you have to drive your boat. However, no matter which type of bimini top is mounted in your boat, you can’t exceed the limit to 50km/h.

  • Does any hardware come with the bimini top?

Yes, the bimini top comes with standard hardware like gunwale, standard handrail. This hardware is generally made of nylon.

  • Is it possible to fold up the bimini top?

Yes, it is possible. The frame of the bimini top is designed in such a way so that you can fold it from the front or back position. But you should remember it lays flat in one direction only.

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