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Is Inflatable Pontoon Boat Safe to Use?

One of the most common questions I often hear from the people if the pontoon boat is safe in every type of water or not.

Well, a pontoon boat is quite accessible to fishermen and boat lovers for its reasonable price and other so many amazing features. But when it comes to safety, many people are entirely unaware of it. In this article, I will discuss the inflatable pontoon boat safety tips and features.

Is Inflatable Pontoon Boat Safety tips

Driving pontoon in the rough water

Driving boats in choppy water is difficult but not impossible. You can get rid of any situation with your pontoon boat by having patience and following the right strategy.

While sailing, you should be in the opposite position of wind. Sailing your boat directly to the wind will make your boat encounter the wave directly. It might be dangerous for you and your boat. While making a turn with the pontoon boat, you need to have ample space. It is quite challenging to sail and turn a boat in the smooth water. No matter how rough the weather and wave are, you should not slow down the speed of your boat. Slowing down the boat can increase the chance of the nose of the boat dip into the water. So, when a big wave comes, you will need to ride the boat from an angle instead of slowing down. You also need to keep the tube of your boat high to pass through the high wave.

Three tips to keep your pontoon boat steady in the rough water

  1. Maintaining optimal and even weight – One should maintain an even load on the boat. You should know how to maintain balance on the boat. If the passenger is more than one, both should know to keep the balance of weight in the rough water. The importance of your pontoon boat will include the cargo, equipment, and passengers also. No matter what you are keeping in your pontoon boat, it should not affect the center of gravity of the pontoon.
  2. Making necessary modifications – Few modifications on the pontoon boat can provide you ultimate safety on the rough water. If you are encountering choppy water regularly, you should probably install an engine with high horsepower, which will help you to survive in the rough water for a long time. Along with a high horsepower engine, you should also get a power-assisted steering device. To give your boat a little more lift and to improve the speed, you should add an angle lifting strike on your boat.
  3. Get weather update always – Before sailing your pontoon boat, you should ever get a weather update. Weather can be very unpredictable sometimes, and you will still need to be prepared for that. If you see the storm is coming, you should get back to the safety zone immediately. You should not put much weight on the boat as it would make the job difficult for you to bring the boat to the shore.

Inflatable pontoon boat safety tips

Some safety tips regarding the pontoon boat can make your boating experience the best one. Few safety tips you must follow while riding a pontoon boat are given below-

  • No matter how pro you are, you should always carry a life jacket along with you. In fact, for every member of the pontoon boat, having a life jacket is mandatory. It will save you from any unfortunate events and accidents. If you wear a life jacket, you also don’t need to be worried about the weather condition or streamflow.
  • Before riding on the pontoon boat, you should know the capacity of your pontoon boat. You can’t put overweight on the ship as it might possess the risk of drowning.
  • It is better to inform someone where are you heading and when you will return from the trip for extra safety.
  • All the passengers should wear proper safety gear while taking the ride.
  • You will always need to be extra careful and prepared for any circumstances while riding the boat.
  • The use of anchor will provide you an extra advantage on the trip.
  • Be smart and proactive and keep an eye always on the weather condition. It will help you to combat exceptional circumstances.
  • Take care of your property. Routine maintenance and clean-up are the keys to get an ever-ready pontoon boat always.
  • You need to keep all the equipment in the pontoon boat, which might require an emergency.

So, these are a few safety checklists you should always maintain while sailing the pontoon boat.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How safe a pontoon boat in rough water?

Handling a pontoon boat is more comfortable in the rough water than treating it in regular waves. Pontoon boats with two hulls with a flat surface remain stable in raw water. But they are not suitable for open oceans. However, the pontoon boat can survive the beautiful weather in rough water. If the high wind blows, it will become challenging to handle the boat in rough water.

  • How do you handle the pontoon boat in rough water?

A pontoon boat is designed in such a way that it can handle rough water and weather condition. As it comes with two hulls, it helps to keep the boat in a stable position. Even a little water displacement can create a significant difference in the water. One should not sail a pontoon boat in extreme weather conditions. If you are middle of the river or lake and see the storm is approaching, you should reach the shore as soon as possible.

  • How do you handle the pontoon boat in the ocean?

Generally, the pontoon is more suitable to take on the rivers and lakes. However, it can also be taken out on the deep blue ocean. But the boats should have some unique features to vessel on the sea.

The weather of the ocean is always unpredictable. So, you will need to be prepared to get back to the shore in the bad weather. A few factors you should consider while sailing the pontoon boat to the ocean. These are-

1)     Performance

The first thing you will need to think about your pontoon boat is the performance. The engine of your pontoon boat should come with high horsepower. The waves of the ocean are more significant than regular water. Keeping the boat stable on the stream, it should come with steady power. The pontoon boat you are taking to the ocean should not have less horsepower than 150.

2)     Construction

The construction of the pontoon boat is essential when you make it to the vast beach. You should choose a triple hull pontoon for the ocean than a double hull pontoon. If you already have a double hull boat, you should get a large tube to survive well in the sea. The machine should have at least 25 inches in diameter. The thicker pipe is ideal for the ocean than a thin tube.

3)     Maintenance

Like construction and performance, you will also need to focus on the support of your pontoon boat. Saltwater can be very harmful to the surface of the boat. The aluminum surface can be corroded if you don’t take care of it properly. Some people add aluminum under the skin of the boat for long-lasting. If you have done the same thing with your boat, you will need to secure it with anti-fouling paint. After every use coming from the ocean, you will need to clean the boat with clear water.

So, a pontoon boat is safe for both rough water and the ocean. Depending on the weather, you must sail your boat and stay safe. But it is ideal for boating on the river and lake. For the best pontoon boating experience at any place, you will need to make proper weight distribution on the boat. You should also know all the techniques of handling the boat in extreme weather conditions. Most of the accidents of the pontoon boat happen for improper handling.


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