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How to Mount Rod Holders on a Pontoon Boat

If you are a new pontooner, it will get a common scenario when you notice you require additional accessories and gears to make your boating trip a great one. Pontoon rod holders are one of those gear that will prove their worth in different conditions.

Mounting rod holders on a pontoon boat will make you realize its importance in many situations. Whether you are looking for the right place to keep your fishing equipment or tow it with your barbeque grill station, a rod holder on your pontoons will be a great relief in these situations.

Pontoon boats are getting more and more popular nowadays. It offers excellent stability and safety. Moreover, it allows you to set up different fishing equipment, other accessories, gadgets, and gears according to your preference with its spacious deck.

If you are looking for fishing accessories for your pontoon, you have many options. Whereas with other fishing equipment, you cannot use it for other purposes. But attaching a rod holder will make many tasks convenient for you on your water trips.

mounting rod holders on a pontoon boat

Why do you need to mount Pontoon rod holders?

Pontoon rod holders are very simple but significantly a piece of handy fishing equipment. It relieves you from placing equipment here and there.

By attaching fishing rod holders, you can keep things organized while focusing on fishing.

As we all know, fishing requires a lot of patience, where you really need to keep calm to find the perfect location, determine the perfect angle and equipment. With mounting the rod holders, it gets easier to switch between tasks, changing baits, and doing other stuff to better fish.

Different people have different fishing techniques, while some like to change different types of rods in different situations.

It gets easier for you to place your rods with fishing rod holders, angle them, and adjust them just according to your likings.

Types of Fishing rod holders for pontoons:

As I already have mentioned, different people have different preferences for fishing, including angles, techniques, baits, etc.; there are varieties of options available for fishing rods.

You can get the fixed ones, removable ones, or adjustable fishing rod holders according to your preference. While mounting the rod holders, it is essential to consider the size and type of rod holders you require.

It totally depends on your fishing style’s skill, technique, and type of fishing rod holder you should choose.

Many people like to angle and fix their rods’ direction, casting the reels on their own; some people also prefer still fishing, where they fix the reel and rod on the holders and wait till the fishes catch the bait then pull the rod.

  • Flush rod holders:

Flush mounting rod holders are usually designed with fixed installation specifications. You have to mount this kind of rod holder in the gunwale of your pontoon. Flush mounting rod holders are positioned vertically, so you get the flexibility of different angling positions and direct your boats according to your suitability.

As you can vertically position these fishing rod holders for better stability and reliability and positioning, high-grade steel material is used in these holders. Premium quality steel provides incredible strength and stability for you to set your rods properly.

Flush mounting rod holders can be an excellent choice for your pontoon as you can easily mount them without taking much space.

Their sturdy built design secures the rods in the right place for you to pull the fish in the right way while tolling.

The best part of flush mounting rod holders is that they are not designed for specific angling techniques. You can shuffle between different methods and styles using flush mounting rod holders while trolling.

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  • Removable Rod Holders for Pontoons:

Pontoons are not only fishing boats. They are great for taking family and friends on an incredible boat trip.

So, many people prefer clear rails instead of attaching the rod holders always.

You can attach and detach the rod holders according to your own preference in your pontoon with the removable rod holders.

Usually, traditional boats where you can’t attach the flush mount rod holders can be perfect for removable mount rod holders.

Though removable rod holders are not as sturdy and reliable as flush mount holders. But it is a great tool where you can easily set up and detach the removable rod holders for better user convenience.

  • Clamp-on mounting rod holders:

The common problem with a removable rod holder is that you have to drill through your railing to attach the rod holders.

So whether you keep it attached or detached, it will leave the drilling mark on your pontoon’s rail. Many people prefer keeping it clean rail looking for their boat/.

Clamp-on mounting rod holders allow you to attach and detach the rod holders without drilling them onto any parts of your pontoon.

People who do fishing for fun activities, including small catching, clamp-on rod holders, are suitable for their boat. As they can easily place in on any location of their boat according to their fishing techniques, preference, and requirements.

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Where should you place your Pontoon rod holders?

I have mentioned before different people has a different preference in fishing. If any specific location works for someone best, it doesn’t have to work for you.

It totally depends on you and your fishing preference how you will need to make it work. If you want to make the most out of your rod holders, you need to consider several facts, including the size of your boat, in which position you are comfortable, if you want to switch between the different placement of your rod holder, or you want to fix it in a place.

It is also necessary for you to decide the number of rod holders you will require. From my experience, all I can say is before getting a pontoon rod holder; it is essential to determine your preference first.

As in most cases, the first and foremost prefer3ence should be on your fishing technique. As you will have to drill the rod holders to your boat, it depends on you. If you love to explore different placements, you will need the clamp-on mounting rod holders.

Not everyone wants to drill the holes to their pontoon. So, you have to consider the preferable locations for attaching your rod holders.

You want to keep the places free in your boat for other activities as well. You have to be careful about placing your rod holders in the pontoon that it has enough space between the rods so that you can operate multiple rods between the phase to switch between rods securing in the same place in the rod. While placing the rod holder, you will have to consider different attaching areas for your rod holders.

However, you want to reconsider the suitable placement for your pontoon’s rod holders. Before attaching the rod holders, you should have a mental sketch about your rod holders’ possible placement in your pontoon.

But before placing the rod holders on your pontoons, you must consider the possible placement and distance between the rod holders in your pontoons. But it is also necessary that you know or fix where to attach the rod holders in your pontoon for you to enjoy the fishing the whole time.

Mounting a rod holder in your pontoon is not a difficult task at all. Where many people think they need to hire a professional each time to install the rod holders in their pontoon, It is entirely wrong.

They need to go through different reviews and manufacturer’s instructions to attach the rod holders properly.

All you need is to figure out the suitable location to place your preferred rod holders in your pontoons. It requires only common knowledge for attaching the rod holders properly that usually comes into the manufacturer’s instruction.

Mounting Rod Holders on a Pontoon Boat

  • After purchasing the preferred holder, flip it and place it where you want to install the rod holder.
  • Attach it properly, take a small size wood and make a hole according to your rod’s holder angle.
  • Make a mark on the cut; if it is alright, place the holder, mount it according to the preferred place. For flush rod holders, you will have to install them on the gunwale. Make sure it fits according to the angle of the gunwale.
  • The angle of your drilling holes will entirely depend on the angle of your rod holder. It is a very crucial point that most people tend to forget and end up not being able to install the rod holder properly.
  • Suppose you have got a 45-degree rod holder; if you try to install it on a 90-degree angle, you won’t be able to attach it.
  • After marking the placement, detach the holder and drill the screws in the right order.
  • Make sure you seal the screws properly. Otherwise, the rod holder will tend to get losen. The adhesive watertight sealings permanently.

No matter whichever rod holder you choose, make sure you have attached all the screws properly at the right angle and tighten all the mounts and bolts.

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Mounting rod holders on a pontoon boat is not rocket science. All you need to do is mount it at the right angle matching with your fishing technique. Hopefully, you have got adequate knowledge about installing the rod holders properly on your pontoon.

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